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5 bedroom renovation option villa Fyti
Having visited the village of Fyti this week, we were not indifferent to what this place with traditional village streets have to offer. Surprisingly, here you start to forget that there are massive sales started in the city, and that a Charutti handbag for my wife with 50% discount can cost me more if we both don't go to the store right now and not pop at another shop, there my wife saw shoes with elegant stilettos just in same color as this handbag, and she also needed ... and she also wanted ....
Nooo! Here in Fyti, you don't have to think a lot about such extreme activities as being everywhere and being on exact time!!!! Moreover, I even started to wonder if my wife after starting to live here in Fyti may also forget that she wanted "Ferrari" to match the color of her new handbag?"
If the urban environment does such tricks with you, then you should know that the places in Fyti village act magically and offer a completely different picture of the world. Here, perhaps, you will not even want to go to the Internet for the next portion of information.
Here, as if it were another reality that allows you to break away from the usual urban lifestyle and start thinking about something else ... For example, about love and romantic, walking or cycling, or allow to stay on the terrace and just admire for hours the beauty of the surroundings and the colors of nature.
By the way, you will like the openness, friendliness, easy attitude to life and excellent sense of humor of the local residents of Fyti.
If you wish to stop the prospect of forever chasing the discounts matters or other city's gimmicks that make you lose your mind, and if there are no other important reasons that makes you stay in the city, then try to get your wife's consent to have a house instead of a car that also can match the handbag if she prefers.
Here, in the magical place of Fiti, on fairly large plot of land, an abandoned two-story house stands alone looking for being renovated. Unfortunately, it has been standing here for two long in order to move in immediately but it is quite possible to choose the architectural style of the house, its decor and color that will be in harmony with your wife's accessories and even may consider any other of unique preferences of your beloved!
This house, standing on a separate plot, with convenient access road, can be renovated or rebuilt completely.
The main house is adjoined by several outbuildings with separate rooms and even a toilet. On the ground floor of the house you can find living room with fireplace, traditional kitchen and some furniture. A small staircase at the entrance to the house leads to the second floor, to the bedrooms. One of them even has a balcony. But you shouldn't go to it now, it's unsafe - remember that this stately country house has stood alone for so many years. Livestock was raised here, agricultural crops were grown and stored. The owners were praying for the harvest, slept on the floor and did a lot in order to make the world more kinder and happier.
Here you can get live communication and experience of "living" every day, and not be content with a series of quickly passing days in the endless bustle. Here you can spend more time with family or friends, play with the dog, cook a family dinner, or take care of garden or flower plantings. And even more often and, naturally, more pleasant, it will spend time here admiring the surrounding nature and panoramic views of stunning surroundings, illuminated by the sunrise with colors, depending on sun position above the horizon.
Fiti village is not far from Paphos or Polis. In other words, the nearest cities of Paphos or Polis are no more than 20-30 minutes by car. And if you're in the mood for fun, both resorts and Latchi's picturesque fishing harbor and marina, golf courses, horse ranches and other outdoor activities are available to choose from, as well as a huge selection of restaurants, taverns, bars or cafes.
Here in the end I would like to add again that the nice plot with old house with magical features which able to evoke special feelings about how wonderful the world is, exhibited for sale at VERY competitive price and has all the necessary title deeds in order to transfer the ownership to another owner upon purchasing.
Feel free to contact us directly (telephone Mr. Douglas) for other house features, which are included in the individual specifications attached to the house plans and which are telling us much more about its undoubted advantages.
This is a full housing building area and as a last resort you can knock it all down and start again. 
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District Paphos
Town Fyti
Covered Area 200m
Plot Size 600m
Delivery Due Date Delivered
Year Built some time in the past.

Contact Details

Mr. Doug

(+44) 131 208 6390
(00357) 9971 6390, (00357) 9912 0299 Russian

General Info
  • Bedrooms: 33
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Swimming Pool: None
  • View: Mountain
  • Garden: Private
  • Parking: Private on Site
  • Distance to Sea: 10-25km
  • Distance to Airport: 31km+
  • Disabled Access: Yes
  • Communal Fee/Annum: 0
  • Terrace
  • Balcony
  • Disabled Access
  • Fireplace
  • Fitted Bathroom
  • Storage Room
  • Dishwasher
  • Telephone
  • Toilet
  • Mains Water System
  • 2 Storey
  • Detached
  • Freehold
  • Pressurised Water System
  • Solar Water heater
  • Split level
  • Private Parking
  • Private Garden
  • Bus Routes
  • Market
  • Shopping
  • Village lifestyle
  • International and Local schools
  • Near Golf Course
  • Country walks
  • Pet friendly
  • Minthis Hills Golf course
  • Ayii Anargiri Spa
  • Fishing Dam
  • Nature Reserve
  • Troodos foothills
  • Cedar Valley
  • Winery
  • Village square
  • Festivals
  • Vineyards
  • Loan/Mortgage Available
  • Mortgage available
  • Zero Communal Fees
  • Price negotiation
  • NO VAT

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